Since 1992, Nourish California has played a crucial role in shaping the programs and policies that connect—and sometimes stand between—Californians and the food they need to thrive. We approach our work by focusing on the specific food needs within these communities:

Young Children

We envision early care and early learning environments where all children have guaranteed access to nutritious, affordable meals.

A young schoolgirl looking over at her classmate's lunch during recess
School-Age Children

We work to ensure that all children are well nourished and are able to thrive.

Woman wearing mask and holding groceries box

We envision a California where all adults have the food they and their families need to thrive.

A kind and caring neighbor or friend delivers fresh produce from the grocery store to an elderly man at his home.  He receives the gift with a smile on his face, grateful for the help and assistance.  Horizontal image.
Older Adults

We envision a California where all older people have the food they need to age with dignity.

Domestic Life

Our collective health and prosperity depend on all Californians having equitable access to nutritious, affordable food, no matter where they were born.


Without equity, there is no food for all.

Our individual and collective well being depend on all Californians having consistent access to nutritious, affordable food.

Media Resources

May Revision’s Anti-Hunger Investments Must Go Further to Address Ongoing Inequities

Last week, Governor Newsom introduced his May Revision to the 2021-22 State Budget proposal. The revised proposed budget uses higher than anticipated revenue to make one-time and ongoing investments to respond and recover from the COVID-19 crisis. While the Governor’s plan includes new ongoing investments in food and nutrition programs, it falls short of what is needed to address the longstanding inequities in our [...]

Governor Proposes Major Investment in School Nutrition

School Meals in the May Revise All California kids deserve to learn, grow, and achieve at their fullest potential. Today, Governor Newsom invested in that vision by releasing a May Revise budget summary that includes $150 million in ongoing funds to “encourage local educational agencies to participate in one of the federal universal meal provisions” […]

American Families Plan Would Expand Economic Security and Confront the Nation’s Child Food Insecurity Crisis

Today, President Biden unveiled details of a sweeping proposal to Congress that calls for transformative policies to disrupt poverty, including investments to improve the reach and quality of the nation’s child nutrition programs. The President’s proposal would take historic steps to close gaps in equitable access to school meals. The plan would enable more schools […]

President’s Discretionary Budget Would Make Historic Investment

On April 9th, President Biden released an outline of his fiscal year 2022 spending priorities for the portion of the budget that is appropriated annually – known as discretionary spending. The $1.5 trillion proposed budget is a sharp departure from decades of disinvestment in critical government services and supports. Nourish California commends the Biden Administration […]

Congress Must Advance Bold Solutions Through Child Nutrition Reauthorization

As the pandemic shut down schools across the nation, lines for school meals stretched across whole city blocks. The demand brought visibility to an otherwise silent problem while elevating the need for permanent solutions to child hunger and economic crisis. Solutions congress now has the opportunity to advance through Child Nutrition Reauthorization. Every few years […]

American Rescue Plan Will Soon Deliver COVID Relief to Millions of Californians

This afternoon, President Biden signed H.R.1319, the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, into law. Nourish California commends the California congressional delegation for helping usher in the $1.9 trillion federal aid package, one of the largest in history. In the coming weeks, millions of Californians who have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic and it’s […]

Trump’s Public Charge Rule Permanently Blocked Nationwide

Yesterday, March 9th, the U.S. Department of Justice dropped its legal defense of Trump’s public charge rule. Shortly after, the U.S. Supreme Court and 7th Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed the government’s appeals  – allowing a federal court order blocking the 2019 policy to take effect.  This is a huge win for immigrant families. It […]

House Relief Package Would Deliver Much Needed Help to Millions of Californians

Last week, the House passed a $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package. The bill now moves to the Senate for consideration. Nourish California commends House Chairs and Members of the California delegation for the important legislation passed out of their committees last week. Extend the 15 percent increase in SNAP/CalFresh through the end of September 2021 […]

Senator Hurtado Introduces Bill (#ComidaParaTodos) to Ensure Food Assistance for All Eligible Residents, Regardless of Immigration Status

SACRAMENTO, CA – With the COVID-19 health and economic crisis demonstrating a critical hole in California’s food delivery system, Senator Melissa Hurtado (D-Sanger) introduced legislation today to provide state-funded food benefits to everyone who is eligible in California – regardless of their immigration status. “Hunger knows no border, no race and no nationality and we can […]

Congress Takes Important Step Toward COVID Relief With Budget Resolution

Nourish California commends members of the House and Senate for taking a key step to help pave the way for additional COVID relief. Last Friday, both houses passed a budget resolution that will enable congress to quickly advance legislation desperately needed to respond to the COVID-19 public health and economic crisis. The budget resolution sets […]