New Name. New Brand. Same Mission.

California Food Policy Advocates was founded in 1992. For nearly three decades, our team has played a vital role in shaping policy and programs at the state and federal levels. Through collaboration with our coalition partners, our work has helped uplift the lives of millions of Californians facing stark inequities and struggling to meet their most basic needs.

This fall, we’re excited to share our new name, brand, and website!


The name. “Nourish California” conveys our clarified sense of mission, vision, and values. Nourishment requires more than equitable access to food—it requires equitable access to health, safety, social well being, economic opportunity, and empowerment.

The brand. Our new logo and visual identity express our commitment to put people at the center of policy change.  Policy advocacy is often considered highly technical, top-down work limited to a narrow set of stakeholders. We root our work in the experience and insights of diverse communities and a broad coalition of partners. We strive to be an accessible, inclusive, and compelling organization for all who call California home.

The website. We designed the new website to help you find what you need. From tracking legislation to researching historical trends to taking action on emerging issues, our website puts a wealth of resources at your fingertips and gives you better tools to guide your discoveries.