Problem Solvers

We develop and advance effective solutions that expand access to nutritious, affordable food for all Californians. We focus our work on Californians facing the greatest need and the starkest inequities. We harness on-the-ground learning and other channels of research to outline solutions and illuminate the root causes of food insecurity. Among policymakers and our allies, we’re a trusted resource for perspective, ideas, and actionable approaches.

Change Makers

We help bring key stakeholders to the table to effect systemic change. For example, in 1999, we convened our first “Food Stamp Forum,” which brought together advocates, administrators, and community members to develop plans for improving the program. The event, now called the “CalFresh Forum,” has continued to serve as a powerful platform for change.

We also help elevate the voices of Californians affected by and engaged in our work. Throughout our history, we’ve worked to amplify the experience, insights, and commitment of youth, families, coalitions, and organizations who join in the fight for fair access to food.