There is Power in Policy

Strategic Plan 2022 - 2027

Our Vision

Every Californian thrives and has equitable access to food, resources, and opportunity.

Values that Guide Our Work









We collaborate with diverse community partners for policy change, ensuring equitable access to food, health, and well-being for all Californians.

Our Goals

Cultivate a values-driven culture that is both grounded in the individual health and well-being of our staff, and sustains accountability to our mission.

women standing with protest signs
Crowd holding Food 4 All signs

Advance policy solutions that target the starkest inequities and are co-created with community partners, including those most directly affected by inequitable, oppressive policies and systems.

Broaden and deepen support of our work with more Californians taking advocacy actions or contributing to the sustainability of our campaigns.

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Develop a board of directors characterized by an inclusive model of decision-making; equitable opportunities for engagement; and a diversity of backgrounds and knowledge, predominantly including those with lived experiences of systemic inequities such as poverty and food insecurity.

Achievements Since our Last Strategy

We led the advocacy campaign that established guaranteed access to free and reduced-price school meals for charter school students with low income.
We developed and adopted a Strategy Roadmap to center justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) in our external work and internal decision-making.
Our advocacy led California to restore funding for meals served in child care, securing much-needed resources for providers and the young children in their care.
We enacted organizational policy to guide our partnerships with storytellers, honoring their experiences and providing meaningful compensation for their time and expertise.
We amplified the stories of directly impacted Californians who are calling on state leaders to support Food4All -- inclusive food assistance for immigrants with no exceptions and no exclusions.

Everyone in California Should Have The Food They Need to Thrive.

Join Us in Our Vision for a Fair California.