1. This webpage should be thought of as a legislative bill page. It was created as a landing space for our budget advocacy related to increasing funding for child care meals. Technically, it should be associated with the state legislative advocacy page, but also with the child nutrition webpage.



  • Can you confirm that you also need a bill tracker like this one https://nourishca.org/get-involved/action-center/state-legislative-advocacy/ for this page https://nourishca.org/get-involved/action-center/federal-advocacy/ based on this page https://nourishca.org/2020-federal-tracker/


    1. Yes, besides our county profiles the bill tracker is one of our most visited website pages and we regularly get feedback about the value of this tool. It is very important to keep it. 



  • Do you have a picture of Sarah for this page: https://nourishca.org/about/career-opportunities/. The one on your old site and that’s indexed on Google is so poor quality it’s not really worth using
  • George can you track one down? I searched cyberduck and the website’s images and only came up with the tiny photo displayed on the Sarah Samuels webpage. Lorrene, Ken, or some of my old colleagues from Prevention Institute might be able to find one if you can not.