Interested in board service? Here are the expectations.

Purpose of Board Membership

To advise, govern, oversee, and assist with the leadership and general promotion of Nourish California so as to support the organization’s mission and needs.

Major Responsibilities

To advise, govern, oversee, and assist with the leadership and general promotion of Nourish California so as to support the organization’s mission and needs.

Primary responsibilities for board members are to:

  • Provide overall organizational leadership and counsel
  • Select and evaluate the Executive Director
  • Provide financial management and accountability, including adopting the annual budget and leading long term financial planning
  • Set and oversee policies and procedures
  • Oversee strategic planning, program planning, and evaluation
  • Promote the organization to funders and communities
  • Support effective relationships with stakeholders
  • Oversight of program planning and evaluation
  • Fundraise

General Expectations

Every board member shall:

  • Know our mission, purpose, goals, policies, programs, services, strengths, and needs.
  • Bring his or her skill and talent to benefit of the organization in a visionary, energetic and strategic manner.
  • Engage in long-term visionary planning for our present and future activities, rather than engage in day-to-day activities or staff functions.
  • Promote our’ goals and objectives in their own communities and in other communities as appropriate to the organization's mission.
  • Follow trends related to the mission and goals of Nourish California.
  • Prepare for all board meetings by reading all materials.

Conflicts of Interest

Every board member shall:

  • Avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest, and disclose any possible conflicts to the Board Chair in a timely fashion.
  • Avoid prejudiced judgments on the basis of information received from individuals and urge those with complaints to follow established policies and procedures.
  • Not commit Nourish California or its resources to any activity without the prior approval of the Board.
  • Behave consistently with the expectations, bylaws, and substantive policies of the organization.
  • Complete an Annual Conflict of Interest Statement Form.


Every Board member shall:

  • Financially support the organization in a manner commensurate with one’s ability.
  • Support the fundraising efforts of our staff by recommending or referring the Executive Director to potential fund development opportunities.
  • Be prepared to assist with fundraising strategies by utilizing their personal influence with others (foundations, individuals) and to participate in fundraising activities.

Planning and Evaluation

The Board will:

  • Evaluate the progress of the organization on an annual basis.
  • Complete an annual survey to assess their own performance to identify ways in which to improve.
  • Annually evaluate the Executive Director’s performance.
  • Will support the Program Committee’s work to ensure that a process is in place that measures the extent to which Nourish California is achieving its mission.

Board Development

All board members shall:

  • Be responsible for identifying prospective Board members based on priorities set by the Governance Committee and shall submit nominations to the committee.
  • Commit to diversity on the Board.
  • Share their time and talents in the various committees as described in the Bylaws and committee charters.
  • Work to ensure that board membership is sufficient to meet the demands of the work and the needs of the organization.

Board Tenure and Terms

All board members shall:

  • Serve at the will of the board under terms spelled out in our bylaws. No one on the Board will serve more than four consecutive two-year terms unless the end of the fourth term coincides with the conclusion of the person’s term as board chairperson. (A chairperson who concludes their board term will be invited to serve one additional year on the board to assist in the transition to new leadership.)
  • Be encouraged to continue to support the work after their retirement from the board by responding to action alerts and attending events.
  • After one year's absence, a retired Board member may be considered for a new term.

Board Meetings

All board members shall:

  • Shall be prepared for and participate in all board meetings, committee assignments, and other organizational activities.
    Note: Committee Member expectations are detailed in Committee charters
  • Be on time for board and committee meetings and attend the entire meeting.
  • Plan to participate in all quarterly Board meetings. Meetings are held by video with the exception of the Annual Member meeting in October which requires in-person attendance. Board meetings are intended to last 2 ½ hours.
  • Be open to taking action or provide input via email on time-sensitive issues that do not require discussion.
  • Convey unavoidable absences to the Board chairperson in a timely manner (preferably one week in advance).

Next Steps for Service

If you’re interested in serving, please send the following to :

  • Brief statement of interest. Send us a few paragraphs describing why you’re interested in board service with Nourish California.
  • A resume. Tell us about your skills, experience, and interests.
  • Three references. A board committee will review your materials prior to recommending candidates for consideration by the full board. We’ll keep you posted during this review.