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Published on Oct 11, 2013 in Child Nutrition, State Legislation, Young Children

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10.11.2013 We are thrilled to announce that AB 290 (Alejo) Foundations for Healthy Nutrition in Child Care was signed into law by Governor Brown today, Friday October 11. This bill is an important step to ensuring California’s children in child care are receiving healthy meals and snacks.


As signed, AB 290 will…

  • Educate child care providers about early childhood nutrition
  • Ensure child care providers are informed about the federal resources of Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)

What does this mean for Child Care Providers?
When an individual seeks out child care licensure in California they are required to take the Preventive Health and Safety training. After January 1, 2016 these individuals will also be educated on the importance of childhood nutrition and the benefits of CACFP in the Preventive Health and Safety training. The addition of nutrition content will happen automatically and will not require child care providers to take any action.

What’s next?
As we move toward implementation of AB 290 on January 1, 2016, there will be opportunities to work with partners on the establishment of the nutrition training content. CFPA will work with the Emergency Medical Services Authority to ensure that the implementation of AB 290 is seamless for providers. Stay tuned for more information from CFPA as we outline next steps and upcoming opportunities to engage.

AB 290 could not have passed without your help!
We especially want to thank the author of this bill, Assembly Member Alejo and his staff, and our child care nutrition partners at the Child Care Food Program Roundtable. We’d also like to thank the California Emergency Medical Services Authority for their unique contributions to this effort. Many thanks to our partner organizations for all their letters of support, emails, testimonies, and phone calls.


Read AB 290, as chaptered. link
More information about AB 290. link

Questions? Contact Elyse Homel Vitale at 510.433.1122 ext. 206


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