Community Partners Unite To Support the Thriving Transitions campaign: Calls for Policymakers to Bolster Services Accessible to Individuals Exiting California’s Legal System

Published on Nov 16, 2022 in CalFresh, Thriving Transitions

The campaign is committed to raising awareness about the need to integrate the CalFresh application into the re-entry process statewide.

We proudly announce the official launch of the statewide Thriving Transitions campaign! Nourish California is a founding partner of this statewide initiative focused on raising awareness about what resources and services are necessary to support the transition out of the correction system and return back to the community. 

Where are we starting? 

The CalFresh application should be part of a statewide re-entry process for individuals transitioning from prisons and jails back into community. 

Why does this matter? 

Research shows that one in five formerly incarcerated individuals has reported difficulty obtaining regular meals. This campaign is dedicated to addressing the issue of food insecurity that continues to surround those formerly incarcerated and ultimately hinder their successful reentry journey. 

We are calling for the statewide integration of CalFresh, our state's largest food program; which provides resources for households and individuals to support their nutritional needs will be an important first step to a thriving transition

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests when individuals transitioning from the legal system have access to supportive services they are:

  • Less likely to experience food insecurity
  • Less likely to experience poverty connected to unemployment
  • Less at risk of being unhoused
  • Less at risk for experiencing cyclical economic exclusion associated with returning to jail and or prison(recidivism)

Who’s on board? 

Our founding partners are All of Us or None, Root & Rebound, and Justice in Aging. They do vital work in communities across California to ensure the systems and services are in place to help individuals and their families during the re-entry process from jail or prison. 

We need you!

There’s work to be done. Join us. Visit our action center to sign the petition. If you are part of an organization that wants to officially join us, reach out here

Questions? Contact Kameron Mims-Jones

Thriving Transitions

    Transitions are hard.

    Food helps.

“Our goal is to bring together a coalition of advocates from community based organizations who may not be working directly to reduce the impact of the criminal legal system on individuals and/or prison reform, but are committed to creating an equitable tomorrow for all Californians; which should include access to vital resources such as food and housing “

Kameron Mims-Jones, Nourish California.


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