Food with Care (SB 1481) Needs Your Support to Pass Assembly Appropriations

Published on Jul 29, 2022 in Child Nutrition, State Legislation, Young Children

Now that SB 1481 (Becker): Food with Care has passed its two policy committees in the Assembly, the bill is up for discussion in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. Join us in asking the committee to move the bill on to the Assembly Floor!

Here are two ways to support Food with Care:

1) Call and/or Email these key Legislators:

Please also contact your Assemblymember if they are listed below as members of the Appropriations Committee (find your Rep here):

Sample script:

Hi, my name is _____ and I live in ______. I’m calling to urge Assemblymember ______ to support SB 1481, a bill that will end the racist "pay penalty" for family child care home providers. We must ensure that child care providers are fairly compensated for meal service. Please support SB 1481. Thank you. [Or choose one or more of the following reasons or tell them your own]

  • Child care providers take the hit financially for federal rules that don’t take into account California's high cost of living. SB 1481 would ensure fair pay for providers serving meals to kids in their care.
  • Funding child care meal service is a preventative measure to ensure that children’s most basic needs are met during this crisis and to support the stability of our child care system. 
  • Although costs have gone up, reimbursements have not and the cost of producing child care meals continues to exceed the average federal per-meal reimbursement.

2) Show your support on social media!

Tweet or post your support and tag key members, especially Assemblymember Holden (@ChrisHoldenNews) and Speaker Rendon (@Rendon63rd).

Sample tweets:

The federal child care meal program, with adequate funding and support, has the power to fill the gap in equitable access to healthy meals in child care while supporting the financial stability of the child care workforce.

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Questions? Contact: Jared Call or Kameron Mims-Jones