SHIG Webinar: Sharing Health Information to Better Connect Older Adults to Nutrition Supports

Published on Sep 3, 2021 in Older Adults, State Administration


California’s over-60 population is projected to diversify and grow faster than any other age group. By 2030, when all of those classified as “ Baby Boomers” have reached age 60, there will be an estimated 10.9 million older Californians. As a result, the state of California invested in significant infrastructure to promote healthy aging. The Master Plan (MPA) on Aging's bold anti-poverty goals, Aging and Disability Resource Centers "No Wrong Door" concept, commitments to Multiple Purpose Senior Services Program (MSSP), Adult Day Health Center (ADHC), and CalAIM are all opportunities to better connect older adults to all eligible nutrition services and resources. The State Health Information Guidance (SHIG) supports these initiatives by providing clarity to facilitate continued advocacy.

Our Work

We view the SHIG as an intentional and continuous dialogue on how to improve the appropriate sharing of health information. Beyond clarifying existing law, the guidance helped identify places within California law that may need to be updated.

Nourish California will continue to work with external stakeholders to do deepen our understanding of this specific privacy and information sharing barriers that are standing between Californians’ ability to age with access to all eligible supportive services. 

During this webinar, our partners at the California Office of Health Information Integrity (CalOHII) walked participants through the SHIG, providing step-by-step clarity during a real-world scenario demonstration.