Nourish California Stands for Racial Justice and Demands Accountability

Published on Oct 14, 2022 in Federal Advocacy

Nourish California is outraged at the hateful and racist statements heard in a recording by former Los Angeles City Councilmember Nury Martinez, Councilmember Gil Cedillo, Councilmember Kevin De Leon, and former Los Angeles County Federation of Labor President Ron Herrera. We stand with Black and Indigenous communities and all Angelenos in calling for the immediate resignation of those involved. The anti-Black, anti-Indigenous, homophobic, and classist statements heard on the leaked recording are an inexcusable attack to our communities who already face food insecurity, poverty, and a lack of access to critical services due to systemic oppressions.

As an organization that proactively works to advance equity through our policy change, Nourish California is committed to fighting systemic racism in all its forms, including holding public officials accountable for perpetuating racism with their words and actions. We believe that the fight for racial, social, and economic justice cannot be won with corrupt, racist politicians holding power. As advocates, we will speak truth to power and will not curry favor with policymakers who perpetuate oppression. We support a political landscape that amplifies the power of Black communities and refutes any efforts to diminish that power.

We join our fellow Angelenos in demanding  a thorough, transparent investigation into the leaked recording. We stand unequivocally with Black, Indigenous, and Queer communities who call California home.

In solidarity,

The Nourish California team