TAKE ACTION: Urge key elected officials to reject proposed delays to Food4All 55+

Published on May 21, 2024 in Food4All, Immigrants, Older Adults


The Governor’s May Revision to the 2024-2025 state budget proposes a two-year delay to the CFAP expansion for Californians ages 55 and older, regardless of immigration status. This delay continues the harm to California’s undocumented communities, who experience food insecurity at disproportionately high rates

Your voice makes a difference – join us in directly telling key elected leaders why Californian older adult immigrants cannot afford to wait for Food4All.

The Legislature is voting on budget decisions as soon as next week. Take action today to make sure your voice is heard!

3 ways you can take action now! 

  1. Email: CLICK HERE to contact our 5 key leaders in budget negotiations: Governor Gavin Newsom, Senate President Pro Tempore Mike McGuire, Speaker of the Assembly Robert Rivas, Senate Budget Chair Scott Wiener, and Assembly Budget Chair Jesse Gabriel. 
  2. Call: Take a few minutes and call the 5 key leaders in budget negotiations using the call information and script below. 
  3. Use Social Media: Send a social media message to the 5 key leaders in budget negotiations at their media handles using the sample messages below.  

Email Key Leaders 


Use the form linked above to send an email to key elected leaders. Add your personal message at the bottom of the email to share why you are urging them to reject delays to Food4All for 55+.

Call their offices

  • Governor Gavin Newsom – (916) 445-2841 
  • Senate President Pro Tempore Mike McGuire – (916) 651-4002
  • Speaker of the Assembly Robert Rivas – (916) 319-2029 
  • Senate Budget Chair Scott Wiener – (916) 651-4011 
  • Assembly Budget Chair Jesse Gabriel – (916) 319-2046

Use the sample script below to share your message:

Hello, my name is [[your name]] with [[your organization]]. [[Say a sentence about who what your organization does and who you represent.]]

As a member of the Food4All Coalition and in strong support of an equitable food safety net for all Californians, I urge [[name of member whose office you are calling]] to reject all delays to the CFAP expansion for Californians aged 55 and older, regardless of immigration status, in the 2024-2025 proposed state budget. As a state that has been a leader in immigrant inclusion, we cannot balance the budget on the backs of our most vulnerable communities. We must not delay building on the progress we have made toward equitable access to food for all and ensure no exceptions, no exclusions, and no delays.

[[share why you support Food4All with no delays]]

Thank you!

Use Social Media

Follow and engage with these key social media accounts:

Nourish California:  

California Immigrant Policy Center

Governor Gavin Newsom:

Senate President Pro Tempore Mike McGuire

Speaker of the Assembly Robert Rivas

Senate Budget Chair Scott Wiener 

Assembly Budget Chair Jesse Gabriel 

Use these core hashtags

  • #Food4All
  • #NoExceptionsNoExclusionsNoDelays
  • #CABudget

Social media posts to share

Share these posts and encourage your network to support! Feel free to edit the messages and use different targets.

  • .@ilike_mike @CASpeakerRivas @Scott_Wiener @AsmJesseGabriel Pls reject the Gov’s proposed delays to the CFAP expansion for ages 55+. CA must remove exclusions to food assistance for ALL Californians! #Food4All #NoExceptionsNoExclusions #NoDelays
  • 45% of undocumented Californians – and nearly 2 in 3 children – are facing food insecurity .@ilike_mike @CASpeakerRivas @Scott_Wiener and @AsmJesseGabriel pls reject the Gov’s proposed delays to CFAP expansion for ages 55+ ! #Food4All #NoExceptionsNoExclusions #NoDelays #CABudget
  • .@cagovernor expanding #Food4All to ages 55+ = improved food security for older Californians. Pls do not delay the progress made on Food4All. Let’s make sure CA is the first state in the US to ensure that ALL residents 55 & older can access food benefits #CABudget
  • Our communities need food now! @cagovernor, invest in feeding our communities & end the unjust exclusion from CalFresh based on immigration status. We need #Food4All now #NoExceptionsNoExclusions #NoDelays #CABudget
Questions? Reach out to Jackie Mendelson at jackie@nourishca.org or Benyamin Chao at bchao@caimmigrant.org.

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