Join the Campaign: Help Us Bring Policymakers on Board to Support Healthy Meals for California’s Kids

Published on Jul 29, 2021 in Child Nutrition, Federal Advocacy

This year could be a big year for child nutrition. But to bring forward large-scale change to the Child and Adult Care Food Program we need your help. We need Congress to understand that CACFP is more than just an acronym. The program helps feed children in child care, supplies afterschool snacks and meals in our schools, and even nourishes kids in homeless and domsetic violence shelters. By humanizing the program and lifting up the voices of the children who benefit we can help Congress understand why policy change matters.

Join the CACFP Kid Ambassador Campaign, led by our partners at the CACFP Roundtable and National CACFP Forum and together we can lift up the voices of CACFP kids to influence policy change.

Join the Campaign with Three Easy Steps:

Step One

Record a child or children in the child care or out of school setting sharing something about CACFP that they like. For example, a favorite meal, a new fruit or vegetable they learned about, how they helped cook a meal, one of their “jobs” in meal prep or clean up, or that they really look forward to that snack after school.

Step Two

Be sure you have a parent release form on file

Step Three

Submit your video to or see here for other ways to share.