Food With Care Hearing Today 3/3 in Sen. Budget Sub 3 – Show your support!

California recently became the first state in the nation to expand free meals to all K-12 students. It's time to make a similar investment in our youngest learners. Show your support by calling and providing public comments.

The hearing will probably start around 10:30 am. We will be sure to send an email alert when the hearing is starting and again when public comment starts.

Link to hearing Agenda 

How to call into the hearing to provide public comment:

  1. Anytime after the hearing has started, dial 844-291-6364 | Access Code: 3531283
  2. Once connected, dial 1-0 to be placed in the speaker queue
  3. An operator will come on to give you your line number. Don’t forget your number!
  4. When your line number is called by the operator you are live! MAKE SURE TO UNMUTE YOUR PHONE. Begin your comment immediately, and keep your statement under 1 minute or the Chair may cut you off.

Sample comment:

Good morning/afternoon Madame Chair and members.

 This is [Your Name] with [Organization], commenting in support of the food and nutrition proposals. Specifically, we strongly support:

  • Food with Care: Free Meals for Kids in Preschool and Child Care

With adequate funding and support, the Child and Adult Care Food Program has the power to fill the gap and create equitable access to healthy meals in child care, while supporting the financial stability of the child care workforce.

We look forward to continuing to work with the Legislature and Administration to ensure our youngest learners receive the nutrition they need, and that child care providers are fairly compensated. 

Thank you.

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