I’ve Been Thinking About Juneteenth

Published on Jun 20, 2022



My name is Kameron Mims-Jones, and I’m a policy advocate with Nourish California. And I’ve been thinking about Juneteenth. I must admit that there is a tension and a tightness in my chest as I think about the national observance of Juneteenth. As a kid, I can remember debating the merits of Black History Month in a classroom of predominantly white students who didn’t understand why we needed an entire month to celebrate my history. So, to now be observing, or celebrating, what had always been a closed celebration to those Black folks aware of the day called Freedom Day or Black Independence… It’s… It’s brought up a lot. From a policy perspective though, there’s a lot to unpack with the quick adoption of a national holiday in the wake of civil unrest propelled by the death of George Floyd, yet voting rights and substantive federal police reform continue to linger in D.C. purgatory. You know, last year, I wrote that we were “recommitting our work to the intentional dismantling of structural racism.” Today, I can say we have been unwavering in that pursuit. So this year, I’m going to call on our decision makers across our state of California, states across the nation, and in the federal government, to do the same… Work to substantively dismantle structural racism.

Remembering Juneteenth

Our offices will be closed on Monday in observance of Juneteenth.

Read our statement from last year.

Here are some ideas for commemorating Juneteenth.

Learn about the symbolism of the Juneteenth flag.

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