Related Materials: CDSS/USDA Correspondence

Published on Nov 1, 2010 in CalFresh


USDA Letter to then Assembly Member John Laird RE:Simplified Reporting (3/06) PDF
USDA’s most recent approval of California’s current quarterly reporting waiver (11/07) PDF
California advocates request the denial of CDSS’s 2009 waiver extension request (9/09) PDF
USDA correspondence denying CDSS’s 2009 waiver extension request (9/09) PDF
CDSS’s response to USDA’s request for a plan to implement simplified reporting in California (2/10) PDF
USDA’s response to CDSS’s plan which grants a temporary extension of the quarterly reporting waiver (4/10) PDF
CDSS’s request to extend the current waiver until March 31st, 2012 and pursue AB 6 (1/11) PDF


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