Stop AAPI Hate

Published on Mar 22, 2021

Nourish California stands in solidarity with the six million Asian American and Pacific Islanders who call California home.  We call on ourselves -- and our partners, friends, communities, and leaders to:

Acknowledge California’s history of anti-Asian Discrimination and Violence

We urge all Californians to recognize that our state has a long history of anti-Asian violence and discrimination.

While the horrific murders in Atlanta have occurred on the other side of the country, many acts of violence are occurring in our own state. 

Recognize that the hate is here at home...

….And it is on the rise

The Stop AAPI Hate Reporting Center received nearly 1,700 reports of anti-Asian discrimination in California alone since the pandemic began. In our recent discussions with community members about their experiences during the pandemic, a hospitality worker shared that white coworkers blamed him for causing Covid. Another participant reported being repeatedly told to “go back to China.”

Hate cultivates many forms of harm. Our recent statewide survey shows one-fifth of households with low and moderate incomes reported experiencing racial discrimination or bias when trying to apply for support services, including CalFresh/EBT or WIC. Of that group, 80% said that those experiences made them less likely to apply for services in the future.

Understand that the hate manifests itself in more than physical violence

Nourish California understands that hunger, poverty, and health inequities do not exist by chance. These are outcomes of the racism, white supremacy, and xenophobia built into our systems and structures, both past and present.  

We remain committed to proactively advancing equity and inclusion within our own organization and across the state we call home. We urge our supporters to take these actions to stop AAPI hate.


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