Introducing Nourish California


We're excited to share that California Food Policy Advocates (CFPA) has become Nourish California. Here’s what’s new:

The name.

“Nourish California” conveys our clarified sense of mission, vision, and values. Nourishment requires more than equitable access to food—it requires equitable access to health, safety, social well being, economic opportunity, and empowerment.

The brand.

We strive to be an accessible, inclusive, and compelling organization for all who call California home. Our new logo and visual identity express our commitment to put people of California at the center of policy change. Policy advocacy is often considered highly technical, top-down work limited to a narrow set of stakeholders. We root our work in the experience and insights from diverse communities and a broad coalition of partners. 

The website.

We designed our new website to help you find what you need. From tracking legislation to researching historical trends to taking action on emerging issues, the site puts a wealth of resources at your fingertips and gives you better tools to guide your discoveries and support our advocacy.

Since our founding as California Food Policy Advocates in 1992, Nourish California has cultivated an extensive history of impact. Our team has fought tirelessly for fundamental human rights, dignity, and justice through increased food access for children, older adults, immigrants, and other populations in California for whom opportunities have been stifled or withheld.

Our advocacy helps nourish our fellow Californians by generating more than $2 billion in new nutrition resources each year. We plan to continue our work in Sacramento and at the Federal level, and with our new name and brand we plan to deepen our commitment to directly engage people in the communities that we serve.

This year, we saw an unprecedented increase in food insecurity grow as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. It became more clear than ever that hunger is a systemic problem that must be addressed through policy solutions at the state and federal level. 

We also saw unprecedented grassroots support for our cause and organization. Word quickly spread that along with the economic toll of the pandemic, many Californians are going hungry, and some households, including Black and Latinx families, are bearing an inequitable share of that burden. We are grateful and touched by the messages of support and gifts that you have sent our way this past year, and it has only strengthened our commitment to our mission: That Everyone in California Should Have the Food They Need to Thrive.

We believe that to make the biggest impact, we first must listen to those most in need who are directly affected by the decisions and policies made in Sacramento. Our new name, brand, and website are just the first step in a series of upcoming efforts to more deeply engage with those we wish to serve.

We will continue to publish timely action alerts in our new action center, so that our supporters can learn about timely updates, make their voices heard, and make an impact when it matters most. We have an extensive collection of publications and resources to help educate and inform those who want to learn more about these important issues. And we have many new and exciting ways that you can get involved and follow your passion about this cause. 

We need your support to continue to respond to urgent, emerging priorities related to COVID-19, and to dangerous federal administrative actions. Please consider making a donation and subscribing for important updates and action alerts.

The COVID-19 crisis does not need to be a hunger crisis. We believe that we can emerge from this challenge and return to a new normal where everyone in California has enough to eat. With your help, we can continue to fight for Advocacy, Equity, and Food for All.

Thank you for your support.