What is happening with the Build Back Better Act?

By Melissa Cannon September 21, 2021

What Has Happened So Far

Earlier this month, House Committees took action on legislation that, if enacted, would significantly boost funding for school meals and create a Summer EBT program as part of the broader $3.5 trillion Build Back Better Act. This is the Budget Reconciliation Package we’ve been talking about.

What is Coming Up

Some Members of Congress are demanding a reduction in the size of the $3.5 trillion bill. Nutrition and anti-hunger partners are deeply concerned that the important child nutrition investments currently included in the House Build Back Better Act could be reduced or stripped away in the Senate.

How You Can Help

Nourish California has been actively monitoring and providing feedback to California’s Congressional Delegation about this important legislation. We’re also encouraging all in the nutrition community to take action so that all members of Congress support the House Build Back Better Act. We need our congressional delegation to fight against any attempts to weaken the Build Back Better Agenda.

Members of Congress need to hear about the impact the child nutrition provisions will have on children in their District. You can use Nourish California’s  Build Back Better By Investing in Child Nutrition fact sheet to talk about the impact by congressional district. Members of Congress also need to be pressed to pass the full Build Back Better Act as it progresses through the House and Senate.