New Report: Expanding Breakfast Drives Economic Growth


Published on May 20, 2015 in Child Nutrition, School-Aged Children, State Legislation

5.19.2015 According to a new report released today, a 10 percent expansion of California’s school breakfast program would generate $42.7 million in economic activity while creating nearly 1,000 new jobs. The report, “Good for Kids, Good for the State: The Economic and Fiscal Impact of Increasing Participation in the School Breakfast Program,” was authored by Tim Gage and prepared for CFPA. Gage, a former director of finance for California and co-founder and co-principal of the Blue Sky Consulting Group, examined the economic impact of a 10 percent increase in participation in the federal School Breakfast Program (SBP) among California students. While the initial cost to the State General Fund would be $4.8 million, the analysis shows that this investment is dwarfed by the federal government’s contribution of $40.2 million. What’s more, the analysis shows that new economic activity — driven largely by the influx of federal dollars — would generate $2.7 million in tax revenue for the General Fund, offsetting California’s initial costs by nearly 60 cents on the dollar.

Read the full press release. PDF

Read the full report. PDF

CFPA is sponsoring AB 1240 (Bonta & Thurmond) to expand school breakfast in high-need schools. Learn more at CFPA’s AB 1240 page.

Be a champion for school breakfast and California’s kids: submit a letter of support for AB 1240. Download instructions and an AB 1240 sample support letter. doc

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