Food to learn, grow, and thrive

California is home to one of the world’s largest economies—and the nation’s highest rate of child poverty. Millions of children across our state rely on publicly funded nutrition programs operated by schools, community organizations, and childcare providers. These programs are a lifeline for the more than 2 million California kids living in households that struggle with food insecurity. 

In 2022, California became the first state in the nation to provide universal school meals to all school-aged children. The program offers breakfast and lunch free of cost to any child who wants to participate. The sustainability of this program depends largely on optimizing federal and state funding. In addition, we must make sure that every child has access to meals during the summer months. Nourish California is working to bridge the gaps so kids have year-round access to nutritious foods.

Every kids deserves access to food every day. This campaign pursues this by advocating for school meals, Summer and Pandemic EBT, and more.


Follow along for updates, Frequently Asked Questions, and opportunities to call our leaders to actions.

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Every Kid, Every Day

Food to learn, grow, and thrive.