A meal served is a child fed.

Care comes in different forms for different communities. There is a pressing need for the modernization of Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) practices, ensuring fair compensation for program providers and fostering a more equitable care landscape.

The historic devaluing of the work performed by Black, Brown, and immigrant women of color contributes to an ongoing reimbursement gap of daycare home providers. These providers only receive reimbursement for 75% of the meals served to the children under their care. Additionally, the current state reimbursements don’t properly account for the actual costs associated with operating a childcare facility committed to providing nutritious meals and snacks.

There are also CACFP sites that serve adult participants who are 18 years or older living with a disability, as well as those who are 60 or older. California currently sends checks every month to reimburse operators for their participation in the program. Operators depend on these funds to continue serving meals, paying vendors, and sustaining their overall operations – but these checks are often late or lost, forcing program providers to rely on their own budgets to cover costs.

2023 State Legislation

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