Building a "Food for All" California

Immigrant Californians are our friends, neighbors, colleagues, and family. California is home to more than 11 million immigrants, with nearly half of all children in our state being children of immigrants. Immigrants are integral members of our communities. Yet immigrant Californians often face unjust barriers to meeting their most basic needs, including food.

Our collective health and prosperity depend on all Californians having equitable access to nutritious, affordable food, no matter where they were born.

Hunger does not discriminate—and neither should we.

Our Work

Nourish California advocates an end to discriminatory, exclusionary policies that limit equitable opportunities—and equitable access to essential resources—for immigrant Californians.

We lead the Food4All campaign, which commits to ensuring that all California immigrants can access nutrition assistance if and when they need it. We also collaborate with state and national partners, including immigrant rights and health organizations, to mitigate the harm of federal immigration policy. That includes regulatory changes, such as public charge, which have driven many immigrant families to disenroll from CalFresh, WIC, and other vital programs for which they are eligible.

Publications & Resources

Spread Vital Public Charge Information with Multilingual Immigrant Health Packet

Not all immigrants are subject to public charge and most public nutrition programs are safe and open to all, regardless of immigration status. Still, we know California immigrants avoid accessing CalFresh and similar supports for fear of negative immigration consequences. That’s why the California Protecting Immigrant Families coalition (CA-PIF) created the Immigrant Health Community Packet: to help […]

Webinar Recording: Policy and Practice Opportunities to Support Children of Immigrants

Tips for Connecting Immigrant Families to Nutrition Resources Our friends at No Kid Hungry put together this info-packed webinar to share policy and practice opportunities for connecting children of immigrants to critical nutrition resources during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Our presentation highlights the collaborative and intentional effort conducted by members of the California Protecting Immigrant Families coalition to create the Immigrant Health Community [...]

Food Access for Immigrant Californians During COVID-19

View slides from our virtual convening event about food access for immigrant Californians in the COVID-19 era.

Addressing Barriers to Immigrant Food Access in California

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) convened the Food for All Stakeholder Workgroup to identify how the State and local entities can strengthen California’s food assistance safety net for all low-income Californians by removing barriers that exclude immigrants.

Immigrant Families & Food Insecurity

PerryUndem, in partnership with California Food Policy Advocates (CFPA), conducted two focus groups with Latinx parents in mixed-immigration-status families and one focus group with service providers who work with the Asian Pacific Islander (API) immigrant community.

Summer Hunger & Immigrant Families

California Food Policy Advocates, working with PerryUndem, conducted four focus groups with Latino parents of children who participate in low-cost or free school breakfast and lunch programs. All parents in this study are either in mixed status families or are themselves undocumented.