CFPA Applauds Federal Court Order Blocking Public Charge

Published on Jul 30, 2020 in CalFresh, Federal Advocacy, Immigrants

Yesterday, a federal court issued two nationwide injunctions blocking implementation of the Trump administration’s public charge rules. This ruling prevents immigration officials — within or outside the U.S. — from applying this cruel wealth test to immigrants seeking entry or a change in status until the COVID-19 national emergency is over.

Deciding Judge George Daniels was compelled by immigrant rights attorneys’ argument that a policy which discourages immigrants from seeking public health care and financial relief is particularly dangerous during a global pandemic. In his opinion, Daniels wrote that advocates’ warning of irreparable harm has become a reality: “We no longer need to imagine the worst-case scenario; we are experiencing its dramatic effects in real time. Equitable relief has become nothing short of critical.”

California Food Policy Advocates applauds the court’s rightful recognition of the cruelty and danger imposed by the public charge rule. Ensuring all people safe access to food, health care, and housing is vital to our nation’s ability to weather this pandemic.

We are stronger as a society when everyone has the ability to be nourished, housed, and healed. We will continue to fight for permanent, lasting equity for immigrants and all communities unjustly denied opportunities to thrive.

Use Vital Services without Fear!

We encourage immigrants to access services that keep them healthy without fear of immigration consequences. If you are eligible for CalFresh, Medi-Cal, and/or housing assistance—keep getting the help you need! Using these services during the pandemic health crisis won’t count against immigration applications processed in or outside the U.S.


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