Webinar: Sharing Health Information to Address Food Insecurity

Published on Aug 31, 2021 in State Administration

Because of a variety of events, including COVID-19 and the CalAIM rollout, the need to improve health information sharing in California has become apparent and urgent. Unfortunately complex data privacy laws complicate seamless coordination of care—especially when a patient’s care occurs outside of a clinic or medical office. To help remove some of those barriers for addressing food insecurity, Nourish California partnered with the State of California’s Office of Health Information Integrity and the California Primary Care Association to launch the State Health Information Guidance Volume 2.

In this presentation, Senior Advocate Melissa Cannon provides some important context for the creation of the SHIG, including two key feature's of CalAIM, a recently launched multi-year initiative to transform California’s Medi-Cal Program and to make it integrate with social services. You will also hear from CalOHII how to navigate the new guidance and use it as a tool to identify and understand health information privacy laws that govern information exchange between health and nurition providers. You will learn from two health and nutrition providers who are actively working on sharing information to address food insecurity.