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Please join us at a panel hosted by the Othering & Belonging Institute at UC Berkeley on Wednesday, September 8th at 12pm PT for a discussion on the urgent need to bolster programs like SNAP (known as CalFresh in CA) to fight poverty in the U.S.

At this event, you will hear from the authors of a new report “Fighting Poverty with SNAP” presenting the value and limitations SNAP/CalFresh to effectively address poverty, especially during economic hardship. Betzabel Estudillo, Nourish CA’s Senior Advocate, will discuss how we can make nutrition programs more inclusive by modernizing the California Food Assistance Program (CFPA) to provide state-funded nutrition benefits to all Californians ineligible for CalFresh solely due to their immigration status.


  • Hilary Hoynes, Professor of Public Policy and Economics, UC Berkeley
  • Betzabel Estudillo, Senior Advocate, Nourish California
  • Elsadig Elsheikh, Director of Global Justice, O&B Institute
  • Hossein Ayazi, Project Policy Analyst, O&B Institute
  • Miriam Magaña Lopez (moderator), Research and Policy Analyst, O&B Institute




The event will be livestreamed on O&B Institute’s  YoutubeFacebook, and Twitter pages. Submit your questions for the panelists using the chat boxes on Youtube and Facebook.

For LIVE CAPTIONING watch the event on O&B Institute’s webpage.


This event is being organized by the Othering & Belonging Institute, and co-sponsored by Nourish California, the Berkeley Food Institute, the California Immigrant Policy Center, the Goldman School of Public PolicyOne Fair Wage, and Urban Tilth.