Nourish Newsletter | Changes to CalFresh, Impact of Build Back Better Act, ¿Qué cambios le gustaría ver? & More

Published on Oct 5, 2021

Watch the Video:  Changes Coming to CalFresh

Changes are coming to CalFresh benefits. Here is what you should know and what Congress can do to end the benefit roller coaster.



What is happening with the Build Back Better Act?  

Some Members of Congress are demanding a reduction in the size of this $3.5 trillion bill. Nutrition and anti-hunger partners are deeply concerned that the important child nutrition investments currently included in the House Build Back Better Act could be reduced or stripped away in the Senate.



Impact of the Build Back Better Act by Congressional District

This California Snapshot demonstrates the impact of the child nutrition investments in the Build Back Better Act by Congressional district.

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¿Qué cambios le gustaría ver?

Nuestro proceso anual de desarrollo de políticas está en marcha y nos gustaría saber de usted. Por favor, tómese unos minutos para compartir sus pensamientos sobre los desafíos, los recursos y las oportunidades que se avecinan. Sus perspectivas son importantes para guiar nuestro trabajo e informar nuestras prioridades. 

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What Change Do You Want to See?

Our annual policy development process is underway -- and we hope to hear from you. Please take a few moments to share your thoughts on the challenges, assets, and opportunities ahead. Your important perspectives shape our work and inform our priorities.

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Help Avert the CalFresh Benefit Cliff

During the pandemic, Californians have been getting extra CalFresh benefits to help make ends meet. But the extra benefits will sunset when pandemic health emergency declarations are no longer in place.

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Every Kid, Every Day: Tell Congress to Invest in Child Nutrition

Members of Congress need to hear from you about the impact the child nutrition provisions will have on children in their District.

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Tweet of the Week

  • Latino Coalition for a Healthy California: "We've had a lot of big wins this year in terms of equity, however, we know there is still a lot more that we need to do to make sure every person in our state is looked after." -Betzabel Estudillo of @Nourish_CA. Engage

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Nourish Newsletter | Changes to CalFresh, Impact of Build Back Better Act, ¿Qué cambios le gustaría ver? & More

Changes are coming to CalFresh benefits. Here is what you should know and what Congress can do to end the benefit roller coaster.

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