All children deserve to be well nourished and thrive. But California fails to fairly invest in nourishing our youngest learners and supporting child care providers. Existing state law creates an inequitable gap that keeps certain providers from receiving the full state reimbursement for meals served to children in their care.

This gap means family child care home-based child care providers receive no state funding for one out of every four meals they serve. California’s
child care system undervalues and underpays essential labor historically performed by Black, Latina, and immigrant women. Ending the reimbursement gap is one important step toward eliminating those inequities.

Legislative Action

1) Bring equity to child care nutrition programs by eliminating the reimbursement gap that discriminates against providers in family child care (FCC) homes.

2) Support the Governor’s January budget proposal to provide a $1.5 million COLA to Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) operators to account for the increased cost of food

Support SB 600 (Menjivar) to Raise the CalFresh Minimum Benefit

More than an estimated five million Californians will experience a devastating cut to their CalFresh benefits when federally funded emergency (pandemic) allotments end in March 2023. The average CalFresh household will lose $163 per month. More [...]

Food with Care (AB 679: Wicks) Passes Assembly Human Services!

AB 679 (Wicks) passed out of the Assembly Human Services Committee today on a unanimous 7 – 0 vote! Nourish California and the CACFP Roundtable, the bill’s cosponsors, would like to thank supporters of the bill [...]

SB 245 Passes Senate Human Services with Unanimous Support!

SB 245 (Hurtado): Food for All passed out of the Senate Human Services Committee last week with unanimous support! Nourish California and the California Immigrant Policy Center, the bill’s cosponsors, would like to thank supporters of [...]

Send a letter in support of AB 311 (Santiago)

AB 311 (Santiago) “Food4All” will be heard in Assembly Human Services Committee. We need your support as the bill heads to its first committee! AB 311 Sample Letter of Support How you can help: Submit a [...]

CalFresh Fruit & Vegetable EBT Pilot Expansion (AB 605) Passes Assembly Human Services!

  AB 605 (Arambula) passed out of its first hearing in the Assembly Human Services Committee yesterday on a unanimous 8-0 vote. Nourish California and SPUR, the bill’s cosponsors, would like to thank supporters of the [...]

Nourish California 2023 State Legislative Agenda

All Californians deserve access to nutritious food and other basic needs. Our team at Nourish California is working with the state legislature, the Newsom administration, partners, and community members to secure bold actions that tackle the [...]

Pandemic EBT 3.0 Cards Have Been Delivered!

And Summer Benefits Could Be Here To Stay!  Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) 3.0 provides food benefits to school-aged children (TK-12) who are eligible for free or reduced-price school meals and who missed school days due to COVID-19. [...]

Governor Newsom’s January Budget Preserves Broader Safety Net Funding, but Falls Short on Anti-Hunger Investments

On January 10, Governor Newsom introduced his 2023-24 State Budget proposal, which maintained funding and support for most major safety net programs, but failed to make the investments needed to address the level of hunger and [...]

Food With Care (SB 1481) Held in Assembly Appropriations, Won’t Move On This Year

Today, SB 1481 (Becker): Food with Care failed to pass out of the Assembly Appropriations Committee. Nourish California and the CACFP Roundtable, the bill’s cosponsors, are disappointed the bill will not be moving forward. However, we [...]

Food with Care (SB 1481) Needs Your Support to Pass Assembly Appropriations

Now that SB 1481 (Becker): Food with Care has passed its two policy committees in the Assembly, the bill is up for discussion in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. Join us in asking the committee to move [...]
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Food with Care

Fair pay for child care providers.

Free meals for all kids.