Without equity, there is no food for all.

Our individual and collective well being depend on all Californians having consistent access to nutritious, affordable food. But access varies widely depending on geographic location, race, ethnicity, and a host of other social identities and demographics. Hunger, poverty, and health inequities do not exist by chance. These are outcomes of our systems and structures, both past and present.

From educational opportunity to tax laws, policies in California and the nation at large disproportionately benefit white, wealthy individuals at the expense of others. These policies perpetuate generational poverty and should dispel the myth of success achieved solely through fierce, bootstrap independence.

Hunger is a systemic problem—there are policy solutions.

Nourish California commits to proactively advancing equity and inclusion within our own organization and across the state we call home. We work to cultivate policies that disrupt poverty, end hunger, and extend equitable opportunity to all.