Senate Adopts Budget Resolution, Paving the Way for Greater Economic Justice

Published on Aug 11, 2021 in Federal Advocacy

Last night, the United States Senate adopted a budget resolution that will enable congress to advance sweeping legislation to disrupt poverty and give every American a more fair shot at health and happiness.

The budget resolution includes instructions for the Senate to kick start an official budget reconciliation process. Congressional committees in the Senate have been tasked with proposing legislation and spending within specific targets established in the resolution. Chairs of the committees have already begun developing policy proposals to include in the final budget reconciliation bill.

Over the next several weeks — as budget legislation is being written — members of congress need to hear from you what should be included. The legislation is designed to fund aspects of President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, including the President’s American Families Plan. But at this point, nothing is final. We have a tremendous opportunity to shape the final reconciliation legislation and advance the changes we all care about.

Please take a few minutes to ask your members of Congress to leverage this opportunity to help connect Californians to the food and basic resources they need. You can use the below form to send a personalized message.