Factsheet: SSI CalFresh Expansion

Factsheet Prepared by CFPA: Opportunities to Improve CalFresh Enrollment PDF

New Policy Brief: Drinking Water Access in Schools

Children spend substantial time in schools, and many arrive at school inadequately hydrated. Excellent access to drinking water in schools encourages the

Brief: Student Access to Meals in Charter Schools

A brief & data analysis examining equitable access to school meals. PDF

Farm Bill Fact Sheet: Prevent Punitive “Work Requirements”

HR 2, the House Farm Bill, proposes to massively expand counterproductive and punitive “work requirements” for CalFresh recipients.

Farm Bill Fact Sheet: Preserve Heat and Eat

Factsheet prepared by CFPA. PDF

Farm Bill Fact Sheet: Protect Categorical Eligibility

Factsheet prepared by CFPA. PDF

Farm Bill Fact Sheet: CalFresh and Children in Every Congressional District

Informational resources for impact of CalFresh on children in congressional districts. Link

Nutrition Action Alert 2.8.18

Nutrition Action Alert: New Congressional District Farm Bill Fact Sheets link

Better Together: Optimizing Nutrition Access During the Earliest Years

From breastfeeding to picky toddlers—the responsibility of making sure your little one has a tummy full of healthy food can be challenging and carries great weight. All moms feel these pressures, and all too often low-income mothers face additional challenges to accessing healthy foods for their young families.

Is California Ready for the New CACFP Meal Pattern?

Policy brief with recommendations for supporting the nutritional needs of low-income children. PDF

Farm Bill Fact Sheet: CalFresh in Every Congressional District

Informational resources for impact of CalFresh on congressional districts. Link

Fact Sheet: CA Fruit & Vegetable EBT Pilot

Factsheet prepared by CFPA PDF

Fund Food With Care 2019

Fact sheet prepared by CFPA PDF

Leveraging Healthy Meals in Child Care

1.18.2018 Serving healthy meals in child care is essential to supporting the health and development of California’s youngest learners, but not all children have access.

Fact Sheet: Invest in School Breakfast

Fact sheet prepared by CFPA PDF

AB 1871 Factsheet

A factsheet developed by CFPA. PDF

SB 900 Fact Sheet

Fact sheet prepared by CFPA PDF

After School Programs and Meals Brief

Across California, low-income, working families are struggling to meet their basic needs. Most of the 2.1 million California children living in poverty are in working families. After school programs support these families by providing healthy foods and a safe place for children to learn and be active while their parents work.

Program Access Index (PAI) 2017

Measuring County Specific CalFresh Performance in 2015 link

Back to School, Back to Basics

A brief about inequity in public schools and meeting students’ needs in order for them learn, grow, and succeed PDF

School Breakfast: Reducing Absenteeism & Supporting Success

Policy brief on school breakfast as a support for student attendance and success link

Increasing CalFresh Participation through Medi-Cal In-Reach

Report by SF-Marin Food Bank and the Alliance to Transform CalFresh PDF

School's Out…Who Ate? 2017

A Report on Summer Nutrition in California link

Summer Hunger & Immigrant Families

California Food Policy Advocates, working with PerryUndem, conducted four focus groups with Latino parents of children who participate in low-cost or free school breakfast and lunch programs. All parents in this study are either in mixed status families or are themselves undocumented.

Just Released: School's Out…Who Ate? 2017

6.13.2017 For many, summertime brings up picturesque images of sunshine, fun and relaxation. For California’s low-income kids, however, summer may come with a burden.
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